A Brief History

A Walk Down Memory Lane.

SERVISCOPE has a long and proud history of being the leading supplier of bakery, kitchen, refrigeration and laundry equipment in the East African region for over 35 years

  • 1983

    Where It Began

    SERVISCOPE was founded in 1983 in Nairobi as a distributor of commercial bakery machinary including commercial ovens, mixers, bread slicers etc

  • 1984

    Manufacturing of Bakery Equipment

    In addition to distributing renoun European brands of bakery equipment such as Polin, Sottoriva and Tom Chandley, SERVISCOPE also started manufacturing their own brand of heavy duty bakery equipment


  • 1985

    Expansion into Commercial Catering Equipment

    SERVISCOPE expanded its product range and became distributors of global catering equipment brands such as MBM, Falcon and Metcalfe

  • 1988

    New Factory

    In order to meet growing demand, SERVISCOPE moved to a larger factory on Dakar road, Nairobi.


  • 1988

    Manufacturing of catering equipment

    In order to complement the imported catering equipment product range, SERVISCOPE began manufacturing their own brand on catering equipment and stainless steel equipment.

  • 1990s

    Growth into East African Region

    In the early 90’s, SERVISCOPE began exporting equipment into the East African region and began doing projects in Uganda and Tanzania


  • 2000s

    Expansion into Commercial Laundry Equipment

    SERVISCOPE further expanded its product range introducing a new line of commercial laundry equipment. It began a partnership with PRIMUS laundry and this partnership is still going strong today after 20 years!

  • 2000s

    Distributing and Manufacturing Refrigeration Equipment

    SERVISCOPE expanded its product range further by distributing and importing commercial refrigeration equipment including commercial coldrooms and commercial stainless steel refrigeration.


  • 2010s

    Turnkey Solutions for International Brands

    With the entry of international brands into Kenya, SERVISCOPE has provided turn-key solutions for brands including IHG, HILTON, ACCOR, REZIDOR amongst many others. These solutions include design, supply, installation and after-sales services for these projects.