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Bakery Equipment

Please note these are only select ranges from the huge catalogue of products we have in stock. Please contact us to see if we have what you need.




bullet RotoDrago Oven -Double Rack (Polin, Italy)

bullet Pocket Oven -Single Rack (Polin, Italy)

bullet Scooter Oven - Mini Rack (Polin, Italy)

bullet Deck Oven (Ambercons, UK)

bullet Deck Oven (Tom Chandley, UK)



pocket oven



Convection Ovens


bullet Convection Oven (MBM, Italy)

bullet Convection Oven (Chieftain, UK)




convection oven





bullet Planetary Mixer (Ambercons, UK)

bullet Spirals Mixer (Mixers Srl, Italy)








bullet Bread Slicers (Daub, Netherlands)









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