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Our Catering Manufacturers


MBM (Italy) 


For electric and gas cooking ranges, convection ovens, salamander grills, solid top ranges, deep fryers, pizza ovens & plate warmers.   

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Astoria (Italy)



For one, two and three nozzle cappuccino coffee machines & commercial coffee grinders.

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Chieftain (UK) 



For solid top ranges, convection ovens, both electric and gas cooking ranges, plate warmers, salamander grills, deep fat fryers, and commercial dishwashers & glasswashers.

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Serviscope (Kenya)


For premium quality stainless steel accessories and a huge range of bakery, catering and refrigeration equipment fabricated in our Kenya manufacturing plant.



Ambercons (UK) 




For Potato peelers, meat mincers, meat slicers, preparation equipments, Juice extractors, snack ovens, food mixers, commercial dishwashers & glass washers.

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Metcalfe (UK)                 


For various sizes of potato peelers and meat slicers, manual & electric chippers & food disposal units.

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Parry (UK)


For table top restaurant equipment such as fryers, grills, ovens and food warmers.  mobile servery, heated display & servery, hob units &  Bain marie.  

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