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Catering Equipment

Please note these are only select ranges from the huge catalogue of products we have in stock. Please contact us to see if we have what you need.


Coffee/ Expresso Machine


bullet Coffee/ Expresso machines (Astoria, Italy)








Gas Cooking Ranges


bullet 4 Burner Gas Range (MBM, Italy)

bullet 6 Burner Gas Range (MBM, Italy)

bullet 4 Burner Gas Range (Chieftain, UK)



Electric Cooking Ranges


bullet 4 Plate Electric Cooker (MBM, Italy)




electric cooker


Electric & Gas Griddles


bullet Griddles (MBM, Italy)

bullet Griddles (Parry, UK)

bullet Griddles (Chieftain, UK)







bullet Charcoal Grill (MBM, Italy)

bullet Salamander Grill (MBM, Italy)



charcoal grill
Electric & Gas Fryers


bullet Table Top Fryers (Parry, UK)

bullet Table Top Fryers (Chieftain, UK)

bullet Free Standing Fryers (MBM, Italy)

bullet Free Standing Fryers (Chieftain, UK)





Boiling Pans


bullet Boiling Pan (MBM, Italy)

bullet Boiling Pan (Serviscope, Kenya)



boiling pan


Convection Ovens (Same as bakery part)


bullet Convection Oven (MBM, Italy)

bullet Convection Oven (Chieftain, UK)



convection oven



Preparation Equipments


bullet Meat Slicer (Ambercons, UK)

bullet Meat Mincer (Ambercons, UK)

bullet Mixers (Ambercons, UK)






Washing Equipment


bullet Conveyor Dishwasher (Chieftain, UK)

bullet Hood Dishwasher (Chieftain, UK)

bullet Glasswasher (Chieftain, UK)






Brat Pans


bullet Tilting Brat Pan (MBM, Italy)




tilting brat



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